The Top 5 Winter Wines


When deciding on a winter wine, you want it to be something suitable for both the season and the foods you associate with winter. You will most likely be eating plenty of hot and hearty soups, chili and baked pieces of bread, so you want your wine to accompany that. The best winter wines are those that have a big, dark and rich flavor.
Petite Sirah

Wine perfects to go with that hot and hearty beef stew, Petite Sirah is packed full of rich and brooding flavor. Dark fruit (plum, prune) and plenty of Tannins make up this dark wine, meaning you want to serve it with big food. Petite Sirah is also a fantastic wine to darken your sauces this Winter season.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Another delicious dark fruit wine, the Cabernet Sauvignon is known to many as the “king of the reds.” With its high Tannin levels and oak fermentation, this wine accompanies your best filet mignon perfectly.


A good Zinfandel can pair nicely with almost any food, and as a winter wine, it is no exception. The fresh fruit in Zinfandel brings out the tangy flavor of tomato-based sauces, making it a perfect wine to pair with chicken parmesan, spaghetti with meatballs or any other Italian favorite. You can also choose a sweeter Zinfandel for your chocolate and cheese desserts.


If you’re going for a stronger red wine this Winter season, why not try a good Syrah? While many find the flavor to be too strong, I feel that it fits well for the season. Because of its intense flavor, you want to pair it with equally flavorful food like red meats or spicy pizzas.

What about White?

If you can’t get over the white wine even in the Winter, don’t fret! Choose a nice chardonnay with ripe fruit and pair it with buttery dishes like mashed potatoes or foods with a creamy sauce like clam chowder or grilled chicken with alfredo sauce.

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