How to Make a Wine Gift Basket


When it comes to the holidays one of the easiest gifts to give is a gift basket. A gift basket can be custom made to the likings of the person that you plan to give it to. One of the most enjoyed gift baskets that you can make is a wine gift basket. This is a simple idea for a basket that the person can get plenty of use out of. The ideas listed here for what to put into the wine gift basket can be reworked to include some of your loved one’s favorite things.
Step One

Find a large basket. The best types of baskets to use for gift baskets are the ones that are sturdy and can be reused for storage or decoration once the holidays are over. These instructions will tell you how to set up a wine gift basket with a basket with a handle for the holidays. You do not have to choose a basket with a handle if you find one that you like better without one.

Step Two

Find a pretty cloth table cloth to use as the filler in your holiday wine gift basket. You can choose table cloth with a winter theme or perhaps a wine theme to suit the items in the basket. Remember the best part about holiday gift baskets is that you can customize them to whatever you want them to be.

Step Three

Find a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine that you would like to give the person that this holiday gift is for. It is always a good idea to choose both a red and a white to give the person options as to what they would like to enjoy your gift with. If you do not know a lot about wine, head to your local liquor or wine store and ask the clerk for recommendations. That is what they are there for. Remember that you do not need to spend a lot of money on wine for it to be good.

Step Four

Place the bottles of wine in the back of the basket and secure them to the handle with floral wire. Choose to place either two to four wine glasses in front of the bottles. Position a bottle opener and cork stoppers in between the bottles of wine in the holiday gift basket.

Step Five

You can choose to leave the gift basket as is or you can add some fresh fruit and cheese to the basket to complete the look. Cover the basket with clear cello wrap and tie it with a beautiful bow before you give your holiday wine gift basket away.

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