Grapefull Sisters Vineyard in Tabor City, NC


Max and his wife were on their way to visit the grandkids on a pleasant Friday afternoon. They had gotten on the road earlier than they had expected so they decided to see if there were any wineries they could visit nearby. Having just visited one winery, they headed for a nearby winery on Route 904.
Native grapes were discovered in the Carolinas when the very first colonists came ashore. It didn’t take the colonists long to make wines with them. Until prohibition put the wineries out of business, North Carolina was a major place for American wines.

On arriving at the Grapefull Sisters Winery, Max was pleased to see a substantial planting of grape vines.

The winery, located in a large two-story house with a substantial porch, is actually not on the premises. The sisters have a winemaker who actually makes their wines for them. They market and sell the product.

The wines are all made from native vines. These vines tend to produce wines that are somewhat sweeter than those produced by the European vines.

One of the sisters was standing at the tasting bar as we entered. Children were visible from time to time as they traveled through their house. One side of the room has a selection of ice creams.

We were informed that if we had called a day ahead, we could have had a picnic lunch prepared for us.

Max’s wife did what they came there for. She took a seat at the tasting bar and got into a conversation with the sister.

The wine tasting offerings were limited to eight wines. All of the wines are based on Muscadine grapes. The sisters have eight varietals planted in the vineyard.

Although the winery has its own vineyard, they have a master winemaker who makes the wine for them. They have an interesting story to tell about the art of selecting a talented and capable winemaker. When you visit them, ask them about their experience.

The Grapefull Sisters is more than just a winery. It also hosts weddings and functions on the grounds. Located close to both Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, it is an ideal location for these events.

One nice item on the wine list is the Uncle Pinks. This ‘˜wine’ is produced by fermenting and contains no alcohol. This may be particularly useful for the younger guests at a wedding. They too can drink ‘˜wine’.
The Suggs sisters also have a 4 bedroom in on the site that can be helpful in wedding planning.

Sheila Suggs
Ann Suggs

Monday to Saturday 1 PM to 6 PM


Take Route 17 to the junction of Route 904. (seven miles north of the SC border)
Take Route 904 West for 14 miles to Guide Road for 1 mile
Then on Ramsey Road for 1 mile
The winery is on your left.

Muscadine: White and Red varietals
Non-alcohol wine
Soap, jam, jellies, syrup, honey
(they also sell ice cream)

The winery is located at:
Grapefull Sisters Winery
4903 Ramsey Ford Rd.
Tabor City, NC 28483

Phone (910) 653-2944

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