Creating Wine Gift Baskets


Looking for a gift that is suitable for anyone on your list? Wine gift baskets can be created to fit most occasions. Wine can be given for holidays, birthdays, congratulations, welcome, going away or any other event. The recipient can be a wine connoisseur, co-worker, business associate, family member or acquaintance. If you want to make a tasteful gesture, wine gift baskets fit the bill. It is easy to create an elegant gift with a little planning.
Begin by deciding what will go into your wine gift baskets. First, plan for how much you want to spend on your gift. Then decide how many bottles of wine you will give. There are many types of wine to choose from. If you are not familiar with the different types of wine, only tell an associate at your local liquor store your budget and how many bottles you would like and ask for a favorite choice in that price range. Let them guide you to the best selection.

Once you have chosen your wine, you can decide to surround it with complementary items. A standard wine basket may only have the real wine. But if you want to make a more extravagant gift you can start to add in extras. Some ideas include wine glasses, a corkscrew, books on wine, chocolates, nuts, fruit, and cheese. Work with the theme of your basket and fill it as desired.

All wine gift baskets need a basket or other container to hold the contents. Search for the perfect base for your gift at craft stores or online. Once you have chosen all of the items that will be part of the basket, you will have an idea on what size of container you need. Be sure to pick out a sturdy basket so that it will hold under the weight of your contents. You could choose a wicker basket or a wire basket or even a decorative cardboard box.

Use paper filler under your wine and other items inside the basket. Arrange the items to look presentable, taping in place if necessary. Finally, wrap the completed wine gift baskets in cellophane and tie with ribbon or raffia. You now have a thoughtful gift to give in no time at all.

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